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Rosso Piceno DOC



After a careful and accurate selection, the Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes are harvested by hand and placed in perforated boxes of ten kilos. The temperature is lowered by means of a cold room up to ten degrees centigrade. Only after this operation takes place the destemming and the must with the marc is decanted into the temperature- refrigerated stainless steel tanks where alcoholic fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures. Various batches of "flower wine" are obtained by racking without using the press and only those considered excellent can begin the aging process in barriques and tonneau for a minimum period of eighteen months. Constant battonage is carried out manually in order to suspend the noble lees. Thanks to this operation the bouquet of the wine is significantly improved. At this point, the best barriques and tonneaus that will make up the Sante are prepared. A further refinement in steel of about six months precedes bottling. The wine bottled before being marketed must further refine for a period of about twelve months.


Violet color with ruby red reflections. On the nose, the tertiary aromas of aging in wood such as tobacco, chocolate, coffee, mustard are elegantly harmonized with hints of ripe fruit such as morello cherry, cherry, plum and notes of black currant. In the mouth everything that was felt in the nose is carried out. a harmony of sensations envelop the palate with mature and not at all annoying tannins.

Recommended in combination with tartare, dishes based on white and black truffle, grilled porcini mushrooms and grilled red meats.

Grapes 50% Montepulciano / 50% Sangiovese

Production area colline in C.da  Montepriori di Potenza Picena

Esposizione e altitudine: north / north-east; 60m s.l.m
Soil type medio impasto

Training system Cordone speronato

Densità dell’impianto: 4000 plants / ha
Harvest period: 4th decade of September - 2nd decade of October
Alcohol degree 14 % vol.

Serving temperature: 18°C

Available formats (litres) 0,75
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