La STORIA | Andrea Giorgetti

Password: love for wine

A great passion has united the paths of two young winemakers, Andrea and Nicolò.
From the university desks where they met, they decided to carry on a great project called wine.

The young winery began its adventure in 2005 with the first four rows: Montepulciano, Merlot and Syrah. From the techniques learned in books and personal insight, the experience made its way. Year after year, learning from mistakes, the details were changed to create something unique and recognizable. In 2009, together with the knowledge of the two boys, the vineyard also grew. The Ribona, maceratino in purity, peeped out among the rows, and later, in 2015, also the Sangiovese. So from the four initial rows, today there are two and a half hectares of vineyard, the sprout of these wines. In constant evolution, the two winemakers work day by day, side by side, in this new reality. The goal is growth and improvement.

Al giorno d’oggi continuiamo ad amare e come sempre sognare questa grande passione chiamata vino.

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